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What is Plant One Rotterdam?

Your Industry, Our Expertise

The business of Plant One Rotterdam B.V. consist of constructing and operating a location where companies and research their innovative ideas can test for (more) sustainable technology and produce on a commercial scale, and all related activities.

Plant One Rotterdam is therefore a test facility for this process in the Rijnmond region. Plant One Rotterdam distinguishes itself from other initiatives for the scale and focus on different techniques and provides lots of space and facility for testing a wide range of techniques.

Furthermore Plant One Rotterdam features a comprehensive environmental permit (Wabo) which is unique in the Netherlands, where tenants can benefit and making the licensing process by pilot takes a few weeks rather than months or even years. One Rotterdam plant has good delivery and removal capabilities. Situated in the port of Rotterdam, it is possible to feed parts by rail, road or ship.

The hall is equipped with loading and unloading platforms, so trucks can be handled efficiently. Plant One Rotterdam also mediates in storage and handling of chemicals. We are also a recognized training company for A and B Process Operators that students who follow a trajectory BOL (Vocational Training Leerweg) can run for six months to one year internship at our location.

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