Plant One Training is a branch of Plant One Rotterdam, which was set up by our employees and employees of other (petrochemical) companies to follow safety training. Plant One Training can help you, according to the legal requirements to bring sufficient expertise within your organization in the field of safe work tailored to the level of your employees. Plant One Training Bide a considerable range of courses recognized o.a .: VCA, BHV, Reach Truck, Forklift, Lift, Flange mechanic. To make the “right” choice, we can facilitate you by giving you expert advice herein.

Unique to Plant One Training is that we do not create a simulated environment but offer reality. Courses are given in an active business hall in the (petro) chemical industry. Making it easier for students to apply the knowledge instilled in the workplace.

At Plant One Training your needs are important: in our own training center or company with your own or our equipment, inside or outside working hours, this is all possible at Plant One Training.

One thing is certain: we always deliver high quality at a fair price!


  • 24 august – forklift truck course

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